Monday, February 23, 2009

A Critique from R. Scott Clark

R. Scott Clark, a professor at Westminster West has posted a critique to my post from earlier today. Apparently he couldn't get his remarks to work in the comments section, so he wrote them on his blog. You can read it here.


John said...

So the big question here is whether the proverbial "we" (confessional Reformed Christians) should "allow" the Particular Baptists or Particular Charismatics call themselves "Reformed"? That may be a good question but I think it can easily become "infighting" unless one takes such an exclusive stance that no one but themselves can be "in". I wrestle with it too - I was surprised, not shocked or alarmed but surprised nonetheless when Collin suggested Calvinists and Arminians team up to fight Pelagianism - "the default heresy of today's church". But we are Reformed and always reforming - we haven't "arrived" at the end of our path of sanctification (I will refrain from using the word "journey" here) and as Collin and others this weekend wisely said - embracing the fact that it is all about God and not all about us is the first step to embracing the doctrines of grace. By that grace we as reforming Christians are on different parts of that path, and even though we have not "arrived" I do resonate (there's that word again) with Mr Clark's statement "It’s truly exciting to see folks from outside the tradition come to appreciate aspects of the Reformed faith but the 5 points are just the vestibule. Let’s not leave our guests in the hall way. Let’s invite them into the rest of the house." But then I myself am still merely standing in the foyer in awe of the grandeur, so I say rejoice "they" are in the door, and gracefully lets work to glorify our Lord and Savior as He reforms us and conforms us to His image.

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