Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lost Blurbs...

Here are a few lost blurbs for Revolution by George Barna. Apparently, in the end the marketing folks decided to go in a different, less revolutionary, direction.

"Although the book had less to do with death to traiterous, capitalist pigs than I imagined, I found the sections on golfing to be quite inspiring."
Fidel Castro, former benevolent dictator of Cuba

"This book was a breath of fresh air. Religion has often been the opiate of the people. So I'm thankful for Barna's emphasis on leaving church. I also like the part about workers owning the means of production. A must read."
Karl Marx, friend of peasants and author of the original manifesto

"This volume is an intellectual tour de force. I especially appreciate his rejection of routines, church buildings, and the status quo. I throw my beret in the air and give three hurrahs!"
Che Guevera, Argentine Marxist Revolutionary and popular t-shirt vendor

"Stirring, captivating, liberating. I applaud Barna's vision of eliminating church as we know it. He's right: church is the problem. I say, "Let a thousand Barnas bloom!"
Chairman Mao, Chinese leader and subject of many large paintings

"Lacks the creativity of Revolution 9 and the soul of Revolution 1, but Barna stays close to my original in this heartwarming book. 'Imagine there's no churches, no religion too'--I like the sound of that!"
John Lennon, acclaimed singer/songwriter and more popular than Jesus


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