Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prayer Request

I try not to put prayer requests on here very often. We all have plenty of people to pray for that we know, let alone for people that we don't know (from someone we may not know).

But I want to ask you to pray for my brother-in-law Matt Long. Matt's medical history is complicated and I don't understand it all. It involves a very rare disease, some thyroid issues, and a cancer. He went into the hospital earlier this week for surgery on the cancer and thyroid issues. He is still in ICU with breathing trouble. His lungs look good, so the doctors think it may be a problem with his heart. If you are led, take a moment and pray for Matt and his family.

Matt is in his 30s and an elder at Village Seven Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Colorado Springs. He and Elissa (my wife's sister and Matt's wife) have four kids.


Chris Brauns said...

Kevin, I prayed on my knees for Matt and Elissa, their children, and church family.

JoyinJesus said...

Just prayed. Let us know his progress.

Noel Heikkinen said...


Antignostic7 said...

My wife and i will remember Matt and his family in our prayers. Please keep me posted.

Kevin DeYoung said...

Thanks to all who prayed. It is moving to have strangers or almost-strangers pray for your loved ones. Matt has several blood clots in his lungs. These are causing the breathing difficulties. They need to be dealt with, but this problem seem less severe than heart trouble. Blessings on you all.

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